Lens protectors (comes in a pair - airsoft resistant)

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YES ....you have seen it right !!

Why go and spend money buying separately when we are offering a pair!

We are now able to provide you a competitive priced pair of lens protectors for your expensive nightvision investments.

Even if you have a monocular a great option to purchase two and keep one spare.

The material lens of high optical quality and impact resistant. They were tested with a nail gun running at 6 joules from a distance of 5 cm.  Please see gallery photo to show the only damage it left. 

We always recommend that should a direct hit from a BB occur, check your protectors for any damage or defects after - should they show any wear or scratches replace them. 

We offer two size variants- 

30mm - Designed for any device with pvs14 style optics or devices with similar sized threading for our 30mm protector.

32mm - Designed for use with our BNVS31, (May also fit pvs15's & some Anvis style objective lenses / other devices - please check your devices before ordering, best is to confirm sizing using a set of measurement calipers).

On arrival of your lens protectors be sure to clean your current lenses of your device & we usually include a lens cleaning pad so you can clean your devices lenses and your new protectors.