PVS14 Monocular Photonis GEN2+ Basic Tubes

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PVS14 Monocular Photonis GEN2+ Basic Tubes

Brand new Photonis Tubes and milspec Pvs14 Lens.

We handpick the best tube specs and clarity (meaning minimal or no peppering or blems) at no extra charge! 

Photonis Tube models :

  • Basic Green XX0041G - Max 1600 FOM
  • Basic White XW0041C - Max 1600 FOM

**This tube option does not include manual gain or autogating - this is for a introduction to the world of NV or for a person that wants a budget friendly PVS14**

Key Features:

  • Photonis Image Intensifier options

  • Soft Carry Pouch

  • Bayonet J-Arm

  • Rubber Eyecup and Retainer

  • Sacrificial Lens (not ballistic rated)

  • Demist Shield

  • Powered by single AA Battery

  • Housing Compatible with 10160, 10160 variable gain, and some 11769 tube formats

  • On board IR illuminator

These are a built to order product so lead times to final delivery may vary.