Argus 1431 MK1 POD Monocular kit

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Argus 1431 MK1 POD Monocular kit


  • Takes MX10160 (small Anvis) or resistor modified MX11769 style image intensifiers.
  • Onboard IR Illuminator.
  • Runs on Rechargeable 3.7V Li-ion 320mAh IMR Lithium AAA 10440 Battery (Batteries included with USB 4 slot battery charger - see pictures)
  • Can be used with any PVS14 type J-arm mounting solutions - Noisefigthers AX14-ARM  - FW Solutions A14 QSJARM & more!

US Woodland Nocorium wrap installed on them - Can be removed at buyers request.

Unit is only 71 grams as pictured (without lenses or image intensifier tube installed)

 These items do not include image intensifier tubes or front objective or rear ocular lenses!

Please speak to us about possible build solutions for you, we suggest speaking to us if you do not have correct tooling or are unfamiliar with the build process of nightvision devices.
We have two of these in stock and is even possible to make a dual monocular lightweight noisefighters panobridge build, how cool would that be !!