COTI Clip on thermal imager 384×288res

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This is a new design IP67 waterproof clip on thermal imaging COTI which can be used on many night vision devices like GPNVG 18, PVS 31, PVS 14, PVS7 & MORE ! , it also can be used hand held or separately head mounted as its own monocular (additional parts required and not included).

Great to create the perfect nightvision/thermal fusion setup at a lower cost.

Forget having to run a standalone thermal monocular with your mono or separate from your bino, clip on and instant fusion!  

It offers 5 different palette modes: Black hot / white hot / green hot / red hot / image outline, the light intensity level also can be adjusted.

Can be separately powered by battery pack.

Multi usage COTI
hand held
head mounted
Dimension 88x38x70mm (hand held)
88x38x82mm (head mounted)
88x43x78mm (Clip on)
Weight: g(without battery) 140g (hand held)
144 (head mounted)
92 (Clip on)
Battery CR123(A)x1 2.4~4.2V
Battery life 3.5-4.5 hours
Battery packs Supported
Waterproof IP67
Sensor type Uncooled longwave infrared thermal radiometer
Radiometer resolution ratio 384×288
Wave range:um 8-12um
Magnification 1X (COTI)
1.2X (hand hold and head mount)
FOV 32 degree(COTI)
36 degree (hand hold and head mount)
Focus length 250mm F1.0
Light level Adjustable
Display type Black hot / white hot / green hot / red hot / image
Detecting range (1.7M
Detecting distance:450M
Decipherment distance:350M


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