Nocturn Industries Katana GEN2+ Photonis Basic Build

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Nocturn Industries Katana (Complete Unit) GEN2+ Photonis Basic Build

Brand new Photonis Tubes and milspec Pvs14 Lens.

We handpick the best tube specs and clarity (meaning minimal or no peppering or blems) at no extra charge! 

Photonis Tube models :

  • Basic Green XX0041G - Max 1600 FOM
  • Basic White XW0041C - Max 1600 FOM

    Key Features:

    • Photonis Image Intensifier options
    • White or Green Phosphor Tube
    • Articulating binocular system
    • Material - Polymer
    • Tube type - 18mm MX10160 or MX11769 with EGAC Pigtail Removed
    • Variable range of housing colours - BLACK, Coyote or Olive drab (all Cerakoted)
    • Power source - CR123A (or additional outboard Lemo port for battery packs.) Please note all of our offerings will include lemo ports as standard - Do not use battery and power pack at the same time as it will cause damage to the unit and will not be covered under warranty. 
    • Onboard IR illuminator - NO
    • Pods power off when flipped/rotated to side - Yes (Individually)
    • Weather/waterproof: IP68 Rated 
    • Mount style - Dovetail fitting

    Warranty: Lifetime repair of all housing components no questions asked Nocturn Industries own policy.

    (Does not cover damages to intensifier tubes or lens assemblies)
    • Weight:
    • (Battery + Standard Pvs-14 lenses and Image intensifiers): 17.76oz/1.11lbs/503.5g
    • (No Battery + RPO Pvs-14 lenses and Image intensifiers): 15.12oz/0.94lbs/428.6g

    These are a built to order product so lead times to final delivery may vary.