Lindu LD-NVM1440 Housing

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 The LD-NVM1440,  its a cost effective alternative for anyone looking for an introductory night vision monocular. It's designed with proprietary 30mm diameter eyepiece lens, with good eye relief range and minimal optical distortion, it's light weight and made with a strong structured base, the optical system is the same as Lindu's new night vision goggles LD-NVG33.

These are order in devices so lead times may vary to delivery. 

If you want a fully built version of this unit please contact us and we can quote a fully built option with various tube choices. 

This device uses 36.7mm X 31mm(18mm)tube, model type MX10160 (Small Anvis style) can be used.


1. IP65 or IP67 waterproof;
2. Low battery indication;
3. Bright source protection;
4. Multi-coated optics;
5. Automatic brightness control;
6. Fully adjustable head mount;
7. Embedded spring in battery’s cap;
8. Automatic shut off when flipped up;
9. No power consumption when in standby;

Weight - 254g


Image intensifier

Can be used with Gen2+ / gen 3 MX10160 Small

Anvis style



Type Monocular
Rotating test Auto, flip up auto shut off
Battery type Lithium batteries CR123ax1
Voltage range 2.6-4.2V
Control type ON/IR/AUTO
FOV(degree) 40 degree
Power <0.1W
Battery capacity 800-3200maH
Continue working time 80-200H
Parallelism of optical axes <0.1°
Optical aperture F1.18 25mm
Rollover detection Solid non-contact automatic detection
Optical MTF 120LP/mm
Optical distortion 0.5% Max
Relative Illumination >75%
Lens coating FMC
Focus range