Nightvision Service & Nitrogen Purge

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To keep your expensive investments in good order we suggest that night vision devices require a purge & leak detection/seal check once a year.

This procedure is carried out to remove moisture and oxygen from the devices which are a threat to the intensifier tubes and can cause them to fail or damage over time.

We are happy to provide a gas purging and general service for your devices.

Purging is a portable and efficient kit used to evacuate air from the night vision device and back fill the system with dry nitrogen. This procedure eliminates contaminants and moisture that can degrade optical performance of the night vision device.  

Please check with us if you are unsure of compatibility to purge your device. 

The base price is for a generic service which includes:

  • Disassembly and reassembly of device.
  • Check parts - seals and screws - body housings. 
  • Clean any debris from device in a professional clean room environment.
  • Clean external and internal lense assemblies of any contaminants.
  • Take pictures and video of condition before and after of components.
  • Check seal vacuum & re-purge with nitrogen gas (if device compatible)

We will provide you our address for postage of your device when you choose this option - we strongly suggest you send your device to us with full insurance added and appropriately packaged and secure for transit. We will always send your devices back fully insured. We will not be held liable for any issues or losses that may occur with external courier/postage companies.

If any extra parts are needed to fix issues we will liaise with you our customer and advise of any additional parts costs.
It is you the customers decision to confirm or deny any further costs being added.
We will always contact you prior to any faulty seals or parts found and advise on further costs to fix & rebuild. If you choose not to add the additional parts needed that we advise - Phosphor Knights will not be liable for any issues or faults that may arise on rebuild or occur to your device on use once you receive your device back from us.