Photonis 4G MX10160 two plate style tube

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We are able to offer a limited run of Refurbished Photonis 4G two plate (mx10160) style tubes. 

Please note that these tubes include a one year warranty & do not come with a spec sheet from Photonis.

These tubes do have a minimum fom of 2000fom as listed against 4G tube specs.

We can offer various Grades.

A Grade - like new condition

B1 - some close to a grade some might have very minimal peppering on outer zones. 

B2 - larger blemishes within image. 

There are lower graded options too but we like to maintain a standard for our customers on what they purchase. If you would like to enquire on a lower grade (which will have significant blemishes,Damage or alike please message us for more details. 


Details about 4g below:

The 4G image intensifiers are the highest performance tubes available. 4G tubes are available in both green or white phosphor.

With a ultra high FOM, very clean image and ultra fast Auto-Gating, 4G tubes serve many night vision applications for users that require the very best performance in the dark.


Any warranties given do not cover damage to tubes by end user whether physical damage from self builds or light damage or equivalent from misuse or negligence when operating your device.